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Got a panty fetish and want to talk to someone about it 1-on-1? Watching a woman parade around in a tube video not cutting it for you anymore? Then pick up the phone and call me because I am live and available to talk to you, either about the panties I am wearing or about your love and lust for women’s panties in general.

There are lots of men with panty fetishes in the world and if you are one of them, then you are in the right place. You can get your kicks on the phone by dialling the number or you can log on to a live fetish webcam site and have a live woman satisfy your needs on cam. 


Kinky BDSM Mistress Adult Phone Chat With A Busty British Femdom


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Sure there are lots of sites out there on the internet, but none of them offers the unique personal touch that I do. I am available to talk to you via phone sex to give you exactly what you want. And what’s more, thanks to my experience and expertise, I can blow your mind and exceed your wildest expectations.

I, and every other female on here, have an extensive and varied collection of knickers and can talk to you in our sultriest, sexiest voice about what they look like, feel like, smell like and taste like. Check out our 30 ideas for humiliation, phone sex, or cams

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Be they white, red, black, purple, blue, silk, satin, cotton, lace or any combination, including plastic. We have exactly what you want. Nothing gets me wetter than talking to a horny guy like you about my pantys and how they feel as they rub against my pussy or how I like to rub myself through them to get myself off, getting them all wet and moist which means I can then tell you in colossal detail how they smell and feel.

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pantie fetish

What Is A Panty Fetish?

Simply put, a male or female gets intensely aroused at the sight or thought of women’s panties. Usually, it will be a specific colour and fabric, clean or used, but the end result is the same. The desperate need to orgasm as they turn you on so much.More UK phone sex @


Maybe you like masturbating with women’s panties? Well call me and let me hear it! I love listening to men jerk off with a pair of female knickers wrapped around their stiff dick. I love hearing you tell me how hard you are and how much you enjoy wanking with underwear on your dick. Call me and start jerking off and describe it to me as I get myself off with you

Perhaps you’re a little panty-wearing sissy boy who needs some discipline from mommy? Call mom when you are wearing your sissy panties and tell me how you have a disgusting little erection.

Maybe I will put you over my knee and spank your pantie-covered ass for being a dirty little boy and having an erection in your knickers? My hand or hairbrush will rain down on your bare arse cheeks, little boy. Taboo phone-sex is my favourite, and I love to ride the line.

It might be you are one of those guys with a smelling their kink, and you love to inhale the aroma of my knickers. Either freshly washed or worn for two days on the trot, the musk and smell will fill your nostrils as you bask in it and enjoy your wank.

Many guys have a dirty panty fetish and like to sniff and smell worn undies she has been wearing all day. Well, let me tell you that I LOVE talking to horny guys about how I have been wearing my knickers all day and it’s been sooo hot.

The sweat was dripping on my thighs, and my pussy was hot, and it made my pants all damp. I get off on describing how dirty and sweaty they are to guys. I hold them in my hand and smell them and describe it to you and tell you how they feel, and maybe ill lick them for you and tell you how they taste as well.

Another favourite kink of mine is guys who get off on lesbian panty fetish scenes. I have been with a few women, and I love recounting the tales of how I slid their knickers off or licked their pussy through the fabric.

Maybe I will use Hypno on you, and GIVE you a fetish for dirty knickers or an uncontrollable urge to sniff panties. Using my softest, most tranquil voice, I will mesmerise you and hypnotize you into developing an insatiable fetish for ladies’ knickers –Adult phone chat uk

Panty fetish phone sex is the best place to get what you need, and even if you don’t want me to do it, there are hundreds of other females here who are just as into underwear, so if you like teens, co-eds, milfs, cougars, white chicks, black and ebony ladies, Indian women, Asian females, hell even shemales then this is the only site you will need. Check  out fetish cams – 25 ideas

Hundreds of ladies are available right now and they are all experts in giving horny guys like you the ultimate in phone sex fetish calls and a lingerie session is right at the top of the favourites to do. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now.


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