Medical Fetish Phone Sex Chat

As a skilled dominatrix, I have had the pleasure of indulging in many kinks and fetishes with my clients. One particular fetish that I have found to be both intriguing and satisfying is medical fetishism. I enjoy having a phone chat and describing to you in detail what I will be doing with you, how I will be doing it and what is involved, This is also a popular request for webcam shows

During a medical fetish phone chat or cam show, I take on the role of a strict and demanding doctor or nurse, ready to examine and manipulate my patient’s body to their utmost pleasure and pain, I am equipped with a wide range of medical instruments, from stethoscopes to speculums, that I expertly use to tease and torment my submissive.

medical fetish phone sex chat

My patient/sub lies on the exam table, vulnerable and exposed, as I start my examination, using my cold stethoscope to listen to their breathing and heartbeat, causing them to shiver in anticipation, I then use my hands to explore their body, pressing and squeezing their flesh, finding their sensitive spots and exploiting them for my own pleasure, part of this also involves anal play, checking the prostate, massaging it, using sex toys on it and taking complete control anally.


As the examination progresses, I introduce more intense and invasive instruments, such as the speculum, which I use to stretch and open my patient’s most intimate parts. I watch with pleasure as they writhe and moan in ecstasy, completely under my control.

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But it’s not just the physical pleasure that makes a medical fetish session so enjoyable., the power dynamic between doctor and patient adds an extra layer of excitement, as my patient submits to my every command and instruction, I relish the feeling of being in control and having the ability to push my submissive to their limits.

Overall, a medical fetish phone chat or cam show is a truly thrilling and satisfying experience for both myself and the sub I am playing with. It’s a chance for us to explore our deepest desires and push the boundaries of pleasure and pain.

medical fetish phone sex


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Why do people enjoy Medical Fetish, What equipment is involved?

I am equipped with a wide range of medical instruments, such as:

    • Prostate checks, tools, toys etc 
    • Penis examinations
    • Drumwheel
    • Sounding kit
    • Pinwheel
    • Breathing bags
    • Lube application syringes
    • Speculum

Medical fetishism is enjoyed by many for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the power dynamic of being examined and controlled by a doctor or nurse, while others enjoy the sensation of the examination itself or the feeling of vulnerability and submission. It is a unique and thrilling fetish that many people find highly satisfying and exciting, As a dominatrix, I have found that it offers a perfect blend of pleasure and pain, vulnerability and submission, as well as control and power.

The power dynamic of being examined and controlled by a doctor or nurse is one of the main appeals of medical fetishism this is where the submissive is placed in a position of vulnerability and submission as they lay on the examination table, completely exposed and truly at the mercy of the doctor or nurse or in this case the Dominatrix. This dynamic creates an exciting role-play scenario that allows both parties to explore their deepest desires.

The sensation of the examination itself is also a major draw for many people the use of medical instruments such as speculums, prostate checks, pinwheels, and lube application syringes can add a unique and intense sensation to the experience, these instruments are used to tease, torment, and pleasure the submissive, creating an exciting mix of pleasure and pain.

It also offers the opportunity to push boundaries and explore the limits of pleasure and pain. The submissive is placed in a position of vulnerability and submission, allowing the doctor or nurse to take control and push them to their hardest limits, this can be a highly exhilarating and satisfying experience for both parties.

I go into this in detail on a phone sex call,  describing in great detail what I will be doing to you, the tools and equipment I will be using and what I will be saying to you throughout your examination.

Medical Fetishism By phone chat as a roleplay

Medical fetishism is a form of role-playing that allows both parties to let go of inhibitions and indulge in their kinky fantasies It’s also a chance to explore a different side of oneself and experience a unique and thrilling fetish in a comfortable safe environment be it in real-time, phone chat or webcam session.

 It is also known as medfet or gynaecologist fetish it is a sexual fetish that pertains to anything related to the medical field, and encompasses a wide range of kinks, with the most common manifestations being:

  • Arousal by the sight of doctors, nurses, or partners dressed up in medical attire during role-play. This can include white coats, scrubs, lab coats, and other medical uniforms.
  • Being aroused by the use of medical equipment, such as stethoscopes, speculums, syringes, and other instruments commonly found in a medical setting.
  • Turned on by the medical environment itself, such as a makeshift clinic or hospital bed, the sight and atmosphere of a medical facility can be highly stimulating for some individuals.

For some people, the fetish may have a deeper psychological root, it can be associated with the feelings of vulnerability and submission that come with being examined or treated by a medical professional. For others, it may simply be a way to explore different fantasies or roles in a safe and consensual environment.

Medical fetishism is a complex and nuanced fetish that can manifest in many different ways. However, it is important to remember that it is always based on consent and communication between all parties involved, whether it is during a phone chat or cam show or even in a real-time setting with your Dominatrix.

If you are looking to explore this particular fetish then pick up the phone and give me a call,  or head on over to one of the live adult cam sites i have listed on this page and throughout the website.