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Got a thing for female feet and tube videos not doing it for you anymore? Then call me now for a foot fetish phone sex session or webcam chat that will change your life. Uk Mistress has you covered for all kinky fetishes and sexy chats by phone or webcam. Or you can select from USA Mistress, Canadian Mistress, and so on. Just click the links below for  foot fetish phone chat or live cam sex

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I am an expert in almost every fetish imaginable for when it comes to feet, I really excel above all others. Rather than watching a foot fetish tube video of a woman simply showing off her feet, why not call me now to watch me on cam and listen to me talk about how smooth and silky they are?

Talking to a real live person and having a 1-to-1 conversation is a much better way to go about things than just watching a video.

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Hear me describe them in great and huge detail about how they look, feel, and smell and listen to me rub them and caress them. Listen to me squeeze out the lotion and rub it in, taking my time on my soles and between my toes, massaging it in as I also tell you how it feels.

Or I can paint my nails and let you hear every brushstroke as I describe in long detail how they look and what colour they are before you hear me purse my lips and blow on them gently. You will almost be able to feel yourself touching them and doing these things to be yourself.

You can even watch them on live cam and tell them what to do with their feet, maybe they will lick them or suck their toes or spit on them. No matter what you request on cam or phone these girls will be up for exploring all sexual fantasies and kinky desires with you.


Live Foot Fetish Cam Sex


Some of my favourite topics on the phone or webcam are

  • Domination side telling you how I will dominate you with my feet
  • Humiliation – Humiliating you with my barefoot
  • Foot smothering – Imagine my feet on your face making you sniff and lick them
  • Footjob  – Your cock  in between my bare soles as I wank it with my feet
  • Foot Lovers Phone sex is one of my favourites topics
  • Barefoot crushing of food and objects
  • Showing off my sexy arches
  • Toe sucking – Yes I can suck my own toes
  • Nylon feet- Do you like to see a woman’s feet in nylons?
  • Hot ladies’ feet in sandals where you can only see the toes
  • Roleplays – Have her pretend she is your evil stepmom, babysitter, nurse, Mistress, secretary, Giantess

If you have a penchant for licking a woman’s feet then you are also in luck because while this is obviously not physically possible, you will practically be able to taste my skin as I talk about it with you, and you can imagine your tongue licking between my toes, sucking them or licking my soles right round to my ankles. My deliciously smooth skin will be in your head through only my words.


Live Foot Fetish Cam Sex

Why Do People Have A Foot Fetish?

Or the question you might be asking is why do I have a foot fetish? Either way, the answer is no one knows. For submissive men, it is usually about being near the lowest point on a woman’s body so she is always above them but for vanilla men, why they like female feet is a mystery usually.

No one really knows why it happens but the one thing that is clear is that it’s perfectly normal and in no way means you are weird or strange. Many, many men have this particular fetish, and the most famous is probably the movie director Quentin Tarantino who famously has it so bad he has most of his female characters barefoot at some point!

So if you are a guy with one of these fetishes, stop worrying about why you have it as there’s no need, and instead just concentrate on enjoying it because women like me are just a phone call away to satisfy it for you.

Many guys have a thing for socks or shoes and you would not be the first to request this from me either. I can take great care as I slip a pair of knee-high or woollen socks over my feet and let you hear it, or put my shoes or trainers (sneakers) on with you listening intently.

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Live Foot Fetish Cam Sex


Of course, there are more women than me available on the other end of the phone. Not everyone likes blondes or redheads! So there are BBW, Japanese, brunettes, ebony, black, Oriental, teen, milf, Indian, and even shemale hosts available right now for you. All you need to do is pick one, dial the number and you will be put right through to her and she can do all the things I described above for you.

Sure there are lots of foot fetish sites out there but phone sex is the absolute best way to have your kink fulfilled on a personal level. Nothing beats calling the person you see on your screen and talking to her live.

Look at her pictures as she talks about her body and you can almost see yourself with your face at her feet as she rubs them, strokes them and caresses them. Forget tubes and pics, this is the way ahead!

Whatever you want, need, or desire either myself or another woman on here can give you what you long for and we can do it on a personal, 121 basis where you can have complete control over what happens and what you get. So pick up and dial now because phonesex is the answer to all your prayers. See for  adult phone chat

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